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The Honest Courtesan

Where there is no imagination there is no horror.  –  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Scary Movies” is the name of my one year ago today column, but it’s about the interaction between porn and escorting; I did do a short piece on vampire sex workers as part of October Miscellanea, but since I really love horror movies, I think we’re long overdue for a discussion of them.  Before we start I should mention that slasher flicks aren’t horror; yes, I know that video stores stock them with horror and movie companies often stamp “horror” on the boxes, but that’s about as valid an argument as “the sex offender registry is not a criminal penalty because it is housed in an administrative agency, not in a court office or in an agency charged with carrying out punishment.”  Slashers are actually more closely related to porn than horror…

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Beware of these “Aware”ness campaigns


breast cancer

I have been reading everywhere about the pink selfies and #NoBraDay.I simply dont understand why in the world these selfies and Bra thing would bring an awareness about breast cancer.It is illogical and these campaigns are so provocative .They fail to spread the awareness about breast cancer treatment and support system for women .These campaigns should instead reduce the stigmas relating to breast cancer and inform people about symptoms and treatment.Because at the end of the day,”Prevention is better than cure”.