Does “#KISS OF LOVE” protest could be befitting reply against moral policing?


The most trending debacle is “#kissoflove” campaign against moral policing .It started with the attack of youngsters at a cafe in Calicut by mob of some political outfits. They  have attacked in the name moral policing. To express their freedom of love against vandalism, some youngsters has taken vow to join massive non violent protest of  kissing and hugging in public in kochi.It has already garnered lots of public fury.Apparently vandalism or goodalism is not to be encouraged but this is not the right way to react .Pity that such a  enthusiasm is not shown by people to curb other issues like rape,casteism,racism,sexual abuse haunting our country. These are all such political stunt by political parties.No wonder its main organiser is an aspiring filmmaker trying to churn publicity by mean acts.These perverts must understand kissing in public does not show their  progressive mentality or westernised attitude.You may think i  may belong to a Victorian era(never mind) .India is still culturally inclined respecting values (i believe)and we are not Taliban either imposing diktat.Instead of staging such a foolish protest ,people can go to court and bring a law to end such vandalism.


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