Kaaram Or Urai marundhu- For new born of next generation


Motherhood is a serious business with no time frames,holidays and paycheck.But it the best and most lovable job on earth.No matter how much we grumble and tumble about the drastic change in our lives,it gives immense joy and very purpose of our living.Every mother wants her children to be strong ,healthy and supple.It is this constant fear of every mother on earth.

Belonging to the land of ayurveda,there are some tips/remedies which are being passed from one generation to another.One could simply brush it off like some “old wives tale”,but it really works (well..for my son).Here are knowledge which i got from my mother.

It is inadvisable to give any medicine for newborns.Todays mother have totally forgotten about  preparation called kaaram (malayalam) and urai marundu (tamil) which is made  using herbal ingredients.


Kadukka or kaddukai or Yellow Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan or Inknut:

It helps in improving appetite,preventing constipation.It is used as a precaution for common cold.

Sukku  or Dry ginger

 It prevents  bloating of  stomach.It prevents  pain, indigestion and vomiting. Most of the infants suffer due to the  pain in lower abdomen.Taking small dosage of sukku will releive the babies from pain.

snap ginger

Jathikai or  Nutmeg

It is given in small dosages .It helps to reduce flatulence (gas) and aids digestions and improves appetite.


Masikai Gall-Oak or nut-gall

. Helps the baby get good sleep. Good sleep promotes healthy growth in babies

Vasambu or Acorus or Sweet Flag

It prevents all kinds of infections .It is also a natural insecticide,so place it near your baby to avoid insects.It aids in digestion and prevents vomiting.



Get a good grinding stone from Herbal Medicine shop.Grind all the above with some water .It  should be about one tablespoon.You can either give directly or mix it with milk.For older kids,mix it with honey (they will love it).It will also remove the white patches of milk from the babies tongue.

Try this preparation and raise  healthy kids of next generation.


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