Tips To Select Fresh Produce From Market


Once i went to nearby market to buy fresh vegetable and fruits.Though i have been there a lot of times,i have always accompanied someone with me .But this time i was a loner standing among the chaos .

One can easily visualize the scene of indian market with grocers shouting the prices,hawkers protruding into the street beyond the pavements,stale smell of rotten vegetables and fruits mixed with wonderful aromas of fried pakoras,samosas,bajji and filter coffee. Being alone i soon realised how could i select fresh produce from a heap or on what parameters can i judge its quality and could i trust if the grocers are giving me old stock of veggies or if he is simply scaling up the prices.

Here I am giving you some tips to buy fresh produce  of vegetable and fruits from market.

 Leafy greens:Always notice if the leaves are tender  and fresh with no fungus and insects or leaves with holes.Go for a brightly coloured ones.

Lady’s finger: Check if the tips can break off easily and see if it is in rich green in color.

Pumpkins: Check if they are heavy with no Cuts or blemishes on the outer skin.

Brinjal/eggplant:Those which are  purple coloured throughout are good.Avoid those with brown spots or soft ones.

Ginger:Look for a colour of root and avoid those with wrinkles and blemishes.

Cauliflower:The Flower on top should be creamy white with no dark spots and the leaves should be brightly green in colour.Avoid those with discoloured spots and fungal growth.It is always advisable to boil cauliflower to remove the moulds.

Tomatoes:Choose those which are richly coloured and soft and supple.Avoid those which are swollen,dull and bruised..

Coconut: Shake it and check if there is enough coconut water inside.Also check if the outer shell is hard and not cracked.

Local & Seasonal produce:Last but not the least is buying a seasonal produce or those which are produced locally .Locally available or seasonal produce are much cheaper and always available in surplus.

Always go for the fresh and not frozen produce because your family deserve  the best   quality nutrition  .Do not compromise on health  and always get the best value for money.

Happy shopping..


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