Shasthi viruttam-A way of cleansing your soul and win over negative energy


Hinduism is a way of life with prime importance for thavam (devotion) and daanam (service to society).Viruttam or fasting in Hinduism is mainly observed for the fulfillment of a vow. Shasthi viruttam is observed in the tamil month of aipassi (that occurs between months of October November)  to seek the blessings of lord muruga or kartikeya .It is a 6 day fast to kill our ego and relieve us from sin.It is mostly observed by the hindus in tamil nadu and some parts of kerala .

History:Legend is that lord murugan who accordingly to hindu myths,was general in the army of devas.He lead the devas and fought a battle with demon soorapadman .The birth of murugan is to demolish the mighty soorapadman who created havoc and tortured humans on earth.

Legend has it that murugan killed Demon soorapadman  (Soorasamharam) on the sixth day of the battle with his weapon Which is Vel (lance)  after fierce fighting.This incident of victory over evil(demon) is enacted even today in many murugan temples by slaying the effigies of four asuras with murugan’s Vel.

Fasting:There is no particular hard fast rule way to fast .People should not fast unwillingly because viruttam itself means self control.Shasthi viruttam is observed by abstaining oneself from food or  by eating fruits throughout the day.Engaging oneself by listening to the stories of God Muruga or by reciting Skanda Shasthi kavasam.

Shasthi viruttam not only denotes triumph over evil,but also helps us to overcome fear  and anxiety .It helps to make us aware our existence and purpose  and purifies us for better living.

Shasthi viruttam 2014 is from 24th october 2014 to 29 th october 2014.This is followed by thirukalyanam on 30th october 2014.


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