Say “No Crackers” to Diwali


Diwali which means “The Festival of Lights” but contrary to that belief Diwali is now the” Festival of noise and pollution”.Do we really enjoy/need bursting crackers which causes alarming increase in pollution and unwanted noises.Okay i do accept that we are polluting everyday with our vehicles and industrial wastes .these things are unavoidable.But bursting crackers for enjoyment in the name of a festival is nonnegotiable.

Even before the dawn on Diwali,people started bursting crackers.I could see a lot of birds flying hither and wither disturbed by the noise of the crackers in the wee hours of morning.Those birds were flying to some space to stay safe.

Not only the birds are disturbed,we humans are placing us into the puddle.Pollution levels were at peak during diwali.We were all inhaling those poisonous fumes throughout the day .Rain ,humidity and smoke intermingled and there was smog  everywhere causing more problems for people with breathing diseases.Even then people were still bursting crackers ruining their hard-earned money.

Does this really give happiness?.There is a line of control between desire and a necessity .It is left to us to identify which do we really need or want .

Say “no” to crackers because Diwali is not only about crackers,it is also about peace,harmony,prosperity and finally pollution and noise free for every Diwali hereafter.


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