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The Honest Courtesan

Where there is no imagination there is no horror.  –  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Scary Movies” is the name of my one year ago today column, but it’s about the interaction between porn and escorting; I did do a short piece on vampire sex workers as part of October Miscellanea, but since I really love horror movies, I think we’re long overdue for a discussion of them.  Before we start I should mention that slasher flicks aren’t horror; yes, I know that video stores stock them with horror and movie companies often stamp “horror” on the boxes, but that’s about as valid an argument as “the sex offender registry is not a criminal penalty because it is housed in an administrative agency, not in a court office or in an agency charged with carrying out punishment.”  Slashers are actually more closely related to porn than horror…

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chicken curry in 15 minutes (kerala style)


Everyone loves chicken .Don’t just postpone your chicken special treats for the weekend.Here us the recipe for chicken curry which can be prepared in 15 mins.


chicken-1/2 kg

coconut-1 cup

tomato-2 nos

curd-2 tsp

To grind:


cinnamon-small bark

saunf-1/4 tsp

mustard-1/4 tsp

kus kus-1/4 tsp

small onion -3 nos

ginger garlic -2 tsp

pepper – 3 tsp


Marinate the chicken with curd and keep it aside.

In the mean time,pour oil in a pressure cooker.

Add curry leaves and let it splutter.

Add the ground ingredients to it and saute it till you get nice aroma.

Add tomatoes and chicken ,pour 1/2 cup hot water and close the lid of cooker.

After 3 whistles,check if  the chicken is well cooked.

Simple yet tasty chicken curry is ready

DIY project-Autumn vase


DIY is a trend nowadays.I am die hard DIY and i would always love to recycle waste materials .Today I am going to show you simple yet interesting idea of a DIY autumn vase.

Today i am going to show you how to recycle empty detergent bottle ( i used a lizol bottle) to a autumn vase.Its super simple and you need not spend a penny for it.

Things required:

Empty detergent bottle(cut into half)

Small sticks

Duct tape





Paint the upper part of the detergent bottle in a dark paint.Here i have used black paint .You can use any dark paint accordingly to your wish.

Using the duct tape,bundle the small sticks together .Now paint the sticks with the lighter paint which goes well with the paint in the detergent bottle.i have used orange which sounds weird color for a branch .But its my favorite color.

Glue small balls of cotton to the branch.

Viola!!!..beautiful yet simple Autumn vase for your coffee table.

Kaaram Or Urai marundhu- For new born of next generation


Motherhood is a serious business with no time frames,holidays and paycheck.But it the best and most lovable job on earth.No matter how much we grumble and tumble about the drastic change in our lives,it gives immense joy and very purpose of our living.Every mother wants her children to be strong ,healthy and supple.It is this constant fear of every mother on earth.

Belonging to the land of ayurveda,there are some tips/remedies which are being passed from one generation to another.One could simply brush it off like some “old wives tale”,but it really works (well..for my son).Here are knowledge which i got from my mother.

It is inadvisable to give any medicine for newborns.Todays mother have totally forgotten about  preparation called kaaram (malayalam) and urai marundu (tamil) which is made  using herbal ingredients.


Kadukka or kaddukai or Yellow Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan or Inknut:

It helps in improving appetite,preventing constipation.It is used as a precaution for common cold.

Sukku  or Dry ginger

 It prevents  bloating of  stomach.It prevents  pain, indigestion and vomiting. Most of the infants suffer due to the  pain in lower abdomen.Taking small dosage of sukku will releive the babies from pain.

snap ginger

Jathikai or  Nutmeg

It is given in small dosages .It helps to reduce flatulence (gas) and aids digestions and improves appetite.


Masikai Gall-Oak or nut-gall

. Helps the baby get good sleep. Good sleep promotes healthy growth in babies

Vasambu or Acorus or Sweet Flag

It prevents all kinds of infections .It is also a natural insecticide,so place it near your baby to avoid insects.It aids in digestion and prevents vomiting.


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Tips To Select Fresh Produce From Market


Once i went to nearby market to buy fresh vegetable and fruits.Though i have been there a lot of times,i have always accompanied someone with me .But this time i was a loner standing among the chaos .

One can easily visualize the scene of indian market with grocers shouting the prices,hawkers protruding into the street beyond the pavements,stale smell of rotten vegetables and fruits mixed with wonderful aromas of fried pakoras,samosas,bajji and filter coffee. Being alone i soon realised how could i select fresh produce from a heap or on what parameters can i judge its quality and could i trust if the grocers are giving me old stock of veggies or if he is simply scaling up the prices.

Here I am giving you some tips to buy fresh produce  of vegetable and fruits from market.

 Leafy greens:Always notice if the leaves are tender  and fresh with no fungus and insects or leaves with holes.Go for a brightly coloured ones. Continue reading

Shasthi viruttam-A way of cleansing your soul and win over negative energy


Hinduism is a way of life with prime importance for thavam (devotion) and daanam (service to society).Viruttam or fasting in Hinduism is mainly observed for the fulfillment of a vow. Shasthi viruttam is observed in the tamil month of aipassi (that occurs between months of October November)  to seek the blessings of lord muruga or kartikeya .It is a 6 day fast to kill our ego and relieve us from sin.It is mostly observed by the hindus in tamil nadu and some parts of kerala .

History:Legend is that lord murugan who accordingly to hindu myths,was general in the army of devas.He lead the devas and fought a battle with demon soorapadman .The birth of murugan is to demolish the mighty soorapadman who created havoc and tortured humans on earth.

Legend has it that murugan killed Demon soorapadman  (Soorasamharam) on the sixth day of the battle with his weapon Which is Vel (lance)  after fierce fighting.This incident of victory over evil(demon) is enacted even today in many murugan temples by slaying the effigies of four asuras with murugan’s Vel.

Fasting:There is no particular hard fast rule way to fast .People should not fast unwillingly because viruttam itself means self control.Shasthi viruttam is observed by abstaining oneself from food or  by eating fruits throughout the day.Engaging oneself by listening to the stories of God Muruga or by reciting Skanda Shasthi kavasam.

Shasthi viruttam not only denotes triumph over evil,but also helps us to overcome fear  and anxiety .It helps to make us aware our existence and purpose  and purifies us for better living.

Shasthi viruttam 2014 is from 24th october 2014 to 29 th october 2014.This is followed by thirukalyanam on 30th october 2014.